Characters in hamlet and frightening ophelia

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Ophelia Character Analysis (Hamlet)

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Hamlet Characters

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‘Ophelia’ is Not ‘Hamlet’, and That’s to the Character’s Detriment

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Ophelia holds back her own sons and desires in the hope to go others, especially her father. Ophelia is more than just a minor character in Hamlet, rather, William Shakespeare uses Ophelia to show the more human sides of Gertrude, Laertes, and Hamlet, characters who otherwise are playing personal roles.

Gertrude, Laertes, and Hamlet are painted as heartless and inherently selfish people for most of the play. Hamlet: Character Profile - Ophelia. Basic Facts: Ophelia is portrayed as a naive and submissive female in the play. She seems to love Hamlet and appears to feel that he has mutual feelings towards her.

Ophelia has received several tributes of love from Hamlet but rejects him after her father orders her to do so. In general, Ophelia is controlled by the men in her life, moved around like a pawn in their scheme to discover Hamlet's distemper. In William Shakespeare’s novel, The Tragedy of Hamlet, he starts right from the beginning in the play with a theme.

The theme that he starts with is corruption which means a person is dishonest and fraudulent with being in power. A list of all the characters in Hamlet. The Hamlet characters covered include: Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Horatio, Ophelia, Laertes, Fortinbras, The Ghost.

Essay on The Character of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet Words | 5 Pages. The Character of Ophelia in Hamlet In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, the character Ophelia plays an important role in the elaboration of the plot. In the beginning, she is in a healthy state of mind, in love with Hamlet, yet controlled by her father.

Characters in hamlet and frightening ophelia
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The Hamlet and Ophelia Subplot