Essay about how to keep our environment clean

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Environment Essay

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We should not use the banal resources in wrong direction for just our selfishness and avoid our destructive wishes. A clean environment is good for everyone, but we are far from one.

If we continue what we are doing, most of our natural resources would be gone and our future generations would have. Throwing garbage all over the place will only dirty our surroundings and pollute the environment.

Controlling the use of plastic bags will also help to keep our surroundings clean. One should use recycled and eco-friendly products such as paper or jute bags instead of plastic bags. Keep Our Water Clean: Clean Water Act Essay Keep Our Water Clean: Clean Water Act The Clean Water Act has made advances to our society that have helped our environment to flourish with life.

504 words short essay on our Environment

To make our environment clean and green, we need to take action and be the change that we want to see in others; everyone keeps on complaining about how other people are polluting the environment without taking any corrective measure.

Thus, on the whole, people are becoming aware of the vital need to have a good and clean environment. The awakening of the general masses in this respect is a welcome sign and would make our world a better place to live in. Ways to Keep the the Neighbourhood Clean.

Ways to keep your neighborhood clean and green Good morning, I would like to talk about “Ways to keep your neighborhood clean and green”.

It is important to keep our neighborhood clean and green. There are .

Essay about how to keep our environment clean
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