How american perception about muslims changed after the 911 attacks in new york

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9/11: deliberately allowed to happen

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9/11: deliberately allowed to happen

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The attacks of September 11th, will forever be mired in doubt and suspicion by millions of people who saw the events live on their televisions.

James Perloff

Almost immediately following the attacks theories began to emerge. Were the hijackers operatives for a Western intelligence service? How did a passport. Or take the remarkable case of Bernie Madoff.

His colossal investment swindle had been growing unchecked for over three decades under the very noses of our leading financial journalists and regulators in New York City, ultimately reaching the sum of $65 billion in mostly fictional assets.

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Basketball robots and flying cops

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Christopher Bollyn is a well-travelled writer and an investigative journalist who has done extensive research into the events of September 11,the conflict in Middle-East and the health effects caused by exposure to depleted uranium. A great informative and educational site about Islam, Allah, Muhammad,Quran and Muslim,an Islamic perspective of Scientific issues and information about Muslim Scholarships, and many other Islam and Science related resources.

How american perception about muslims changed after the 911 attacks in new york
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