How is the character tituba inportant

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How Is the Character Tituba Inportant in the Crucible

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What is Tituba's role and significance in The Crucible?

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How Is the Character Tituba Inportant in the Crucible

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What are some of Tituba's character traits The Crucible?

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Pun's outward morality hides ambiguous thoughts and actions. What Is Tituba's Role in "The Crucible"? Tituba's role is the Reverend Parris’s slave in the play, "The Crucible." She has a small supporting role in Arthur Miller’s play, but she is the first person to be accused of witchcraft, and she was also the first to accuse others of witchcraft.

Tituba’s confession, however, offers an example of a way out, and Abigail takes it. She “confesses” to consorting with the Devil, which, according to the theology. Tituba confesses to witchcraft, out of fear and panic, and it is very important because this is the point where Abigail sees how powerful fear and hysteria can be, Abigail copies Tituba and begins to name people as possible witches, realising how impressionable weak minded people are and how they can be swept along and controlled by hysteria.

Tituba hesitates, but Hale tells Tituba not to fear: if she confesses whom she saw, she will be blessed. Tituba discovers that nobody wants to hear denials, just as Abigail realized earlier. The religious authorities interpret denials as lies, so Tituba gives them what they want: a confession.

Tituba was just a pawn in their game.

I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem Characters

In Act 1, Abby says Tituba offered her blood to drink and she refused. Right after that, Abby says Tituba made her and Betty drink.

Tituba appears mainly in Act 1 of the play and then briefly in Act 4. When Tituba first enters, she demonstrates timidity and motherliness. Whether her timidity is a natural or "nurtured.

How is the character tituba inportant
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