How to write a catchy jingle about silver

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What Is a Catchy Slogan for Titanium?

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Write a story or scene that is NOT related to the holidays using at least 6 of the following words (bonus imaginary internet points if you can include all 12).

A catchy slogan for titanium is "strength in silver." The chemical element is a metal that has low density, high strength and a silver color. It. The last TV commercial that had a catchy jingle – in fact the last few with catchy jingles – were all created by the team behind Ufone commercials.

Be it Yeh Ada Teri Mera Dil Churaye or Teri Meherbani ads, the audience remembers the humor as well as the songs that seemed perfect for a TVC.

Dan Mangan is a multiple JUNO Award-winning singer/songwriter who pairs the rich vocals and classic, melody-driven songwriting of Van Morrison and Nick Drake with the clever, everyman lyrical insights of The National and Ryan Adams.

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