Literature circle role character captian

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Robert Walton

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Character Traits

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Literature Circle Role Character Captian Essay

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Book Groups: Captain Character

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Middle School Literature Circles

Hold up The Wretched Stone, and ask the class if they enjoy them know that this story is a mystery told through entries from a captain's journal.

Ask students to pay close attention to the characters in the story, as they'll later be asked to explain the characters' feelings and motivations. STUDY AIDS: CHARACTERS Robert Walton English ship's captain on an arctic expedition in search of the Northeast Passage to the Pacific Ocean. Rescuing Victor Frankenstein at sea, he is the recipient of the narrative of Victor's life.

Robert Walton writes the series of letters to his sister, Margaret Saville, that constitute the novel. Captain Beatty Beatty is a complex character, full of contradictions. He is a book burner with a vast knowledge of literature, someone who obviously cared passionately about books at some point.

and characters are developed in this section of the book. Consider how characters interact, major events that occur, and shifts in the setting or the mood that seem Literature Circle role sheets to assist students with SE Step 3.

Or have students work with other students who have the same role. Ages 8 – The NYC Jazz/Contemporary program is the flagship Jazz and Contemporary dance intensive worldwide. Under the new artistic direction of Angelica Stiskin, the program will offer the classical techniques of ballet and modern, along with the neoclassical derivatives of contemporary, improv, hip hop, theater dance, and much.

Stepping into the Literature Circle ACTIVITY Literature Circle Roles Each role within a Literature Circle group has specific responsibilities.

Performance Look for the characters’ internal and external conflicts and the ways these conflicts influence their actions.

Literature circle role character captian
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