Oedipus and his tragic character

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The View from Mount Zapffe

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Tragic Hero

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Zeus - Roman name: Jupiter or Jove. The sky-god Zeus rules Mount Olympus. His weapon is the thunderbolt, and his bird is the eagle. The central figure of the myths, Zeus epitomizes their complexity. At times he is divine and represents a pure, eternal sense of justice; at other times, he is.

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The story of Oedipus the King (or Oedipus Rex), is a Theban play written by Sophocles, one of the three ancient Greek Tragedians whose work as survived. In the story of Oedipus Rex.

Ancient Greek Theater. The theater of Dionysus, Athens (Saskia, Ltd.) This page is designed to provide a brief introduction to Ancient Greek Theater, and to provide tools for further research. Oedipus (UK: / ˈ iː d ɪ p ə s /, US: / ˈ iː d ə p ə s, ˈ ɛ d ə-/; Greek: Οἰδίπους Oidípous meaning "swollen foot") was a mythical Greek king of Thebes.A tragic hero in Greek mythology, Oedipus accidentally fulfilled a prophecy that he would end up killing his father and marrying his mother, thereby bringing disaster to his city and family.

The story of Oedipus is the. Background of the tragic hero: The concept of the tragic hero first appeared in ancient Greek tragedies, such as those written by Greek philosopher Aristotle ( BC - BC).

Typically, a tragic hero is a king or leader of high status whose has an inperfection in his character that results in his downfall.

Oedipus and his tragic character
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