Wind and character s father

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Maggie's Father

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Badger (also known as Mr. Badger) is one of the main characters in The Wind In The Willows. Badger was a great friend of Toad's late father of Toad Hall and had promised him that he would look after his son and heir after his Appearance: The Wind In The Willows ( film).

Hillsboro’s “religious leader,” Reverend Brown, Rachel’s father, is a fire-and-brimstone Christian who believes that sinners, like Cates, should be damned to hellfire and torment.

Rachel, Brady, and others in the town do not. Cassim is a major character and Aladdin's father in Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Cassim is the father of Aladdin.

Link's Father

Long before the events of the the first film, he left his wife and young son in order to find a better life for the poverty-stricken family. While he was gone, Aladdin's mother Voice: John Rhys-Davies, Merwin Foard (singing).

Maggie's Father Appears in The Wind Waker () Gender Male Homeland Great Sea Hometown Windfall Island Kindred Maggie (daughter) Race Hylian "SILENCE!

Begone! Begone!" — Maggie's Father Maggie's Father is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Biography Spoiler warning: Plot or Appears in: The Wind Waker (). Calvin's father is a main character of Calvin and Hobbes.

Like many other characters in the strip, is a relatively down-to-earth and sensible character whose attitudes serve primarily as a foil for Calvin's outlandish behavior. Both parents go through the entire strip unnamed, except as "Mom Last appearance: December 3,

Gone With the Wind Wind and character s father
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